Веселая и активная игра на свежем воздухе для большой группы детей. Суть игры заключается в том, что казаки должны найти и «арестовать» разбойников, а разбойники — остановить их.

Местность и реквизит

Для игры необходима довольно большая компания (оптимально 10 ребят), которая делится на две команды – казаков и разбойников. The terrain should be safe, but with lots of different buildings and hiding places. It is important to say at the outset that the area is restricted. Props can include crayons.


The team of robbers secretly come up with a special password (one right and a few wrong) and then run away. On the way, the robbers draw arrows with crayons to show the direction in which they are looking. At crossroads you can put up trick arrows (in the other direction) to confuse the pursuers. In the end, each villain has to hide individually.

The Cossacks will now build a ‘dungeon’. This can be either a room or just a square on the ground fenced in with sticks. After about 10 minutes the Cossacks go looking for the criminals, using the arrows as clues. The aim is not only to find the criminals, but also to catch them with the words «Red Seal, no one may escape». In this case, the captured villain must follow the Cossack to the dungeon. It is forbidden to resist.

The brigands can get their friend out of the dungeon by touching him and saying «Green Signet, you may escape». As there are always ‘guards’ near the dungeon, the robbers will have to be very dexterous to rescue their friend.

Once caught, the robbers will be ‘tortured’ to find out the password. Of course, the torture must be agreed upon beforehand and must not be offensive or painful. The bandits may give a false password, and the Cossacks must decide whether it is true or not. If the Cossacks have the right password or have captured all the bandits, the game ends with the Cossacks winning. If all the Cossacks enter the dungeon on their own («capture it») and are not besieged by Cossacks (who usually run around looking for them), then they win.

Special conditions

Remember that the game requires a suitable room with plenty of places to hide, otherwise the game becomes pointless. Safety should also be considered when playing in the courtyards.

Special conditions

It should be remembered that the game requires a suitable area with many places to hide, otherwise the game becomes pointless. Safety should also be considered when playing in the yard.

Levels and difficulty

There are no levels, but it is advisable that the players are all around the same age. Robber Cossacks is a very interesting and fast-paced game that many children will enjoy.






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